Last Updated On June 21, 2018
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Boxed look and feel (New Format) – The reason for the boxed visual feel of the book has been done for several reasons. The main one – is the way this book resolves on a mobile device. 80% of readers now access everything on a mobile device, so the long term plan for Dollar Dinners is to make it super mobile-friendly. What you are reading left to right in the book will resolve downwards on a mobile. So when you see the ‘Sections’ in the grocery list – these appear in an ordered fashion on a mobile phone. There are also many backend reasons for the boxed looked and feel I won’t bore you with! But one reason is to reduce too many ingredient cross-checks and to have the book in a live environment online. In the future, when you access the website, you will always be able to right click on a page and get the lasted update or version of any page you are viewing – without having to download your book again.

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