Last Updated On June 27, 2018
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Freezer Space

Member people ask about freezer space. Firstly, use the container tips (such as using ziplock bags instead of containers) to create room in your freezer. Also remember you will be ‘cooking up’ most of the ingredients you buy – so your freezer should be empty before you put freezer meals back into it. Absolutely use the ‘shop at home’ and ‘use up all leftovers before shopping tips. You will need to clear pantries, fridges and freezers to achieve more room for bulk cooking.

An empty 550L fridge will fit a month’s worth of dinners. You may also want to consider investing in a second or larger freezer for bulk cooking. I prefer ‘stand up’ freezers rather than chest freezers. These make it super easy to organise food in the freezer. Chest freezers are better if you are buying large quantities of meat in bulk from wholesale butchers.

My fridge is a wider style one like this.

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