Last Updated On June 27, 2018
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In series 1 lite books (starter, veg extras & lite) you will purchase a whole cabbage. You will see some instructions included. To flesh those instructions out a bit – you will do this:

Cut the cabbage in two half portions and shred on a cutting board with a sharp knife. Fry up one portion of the cabbage in a little margarine. Undercook the cabbage slightly so it is still a little crispy when you reheat it. It should soften nicely on the night. Cabbage is a very versatile vegetable, affordable and also very easy on the waistline. It is also quick to prepare. Pair cabbage with cream, corn, salt and pepper, curry and more. I’m experimenting with cabbage so keep an eye out in the group or at the Dollar Dinners blog for recipes and ideas for ways to work with cabbage.

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